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Some countries promote civil rights of LGBTQs by prohibiting rehabilitation and therapy for LGBTQs to support in their recovery path to heterosexuality. But we know that LGBTQs are statistically more prone to suffer from: 

  • A significantly decreased likelihood of establishing or preserving a successful marriage 
  • A five-to-ten-year decrease in life expectancy 
  • Chronic, potentially fatal, liver disease—hepatitis 
  • Inevitable fatal esophageal cancer 
  • Pneumonia 
  • Internal bleeding 
  • HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases  
  • Serious mental disabilities, many of which are irreversible 
  • A much higher than usual incidence of suicide 
  • Higher rate of sexual harassment to children due to low society adaption capabilities  

Given all the statistically significant LGBTQ issues, is it really desired being an LGBTQ? Certainly not. From the detailed mental, physiological and medical studies, and the above issues, it’s reasonable to conclude that being an LGBTQ is a kind of unnatural/abnormal.  

Why then would keeping away the treatment and the path to recovery be part of the LGBTQ rights? Shouldn’t it be a crime against some homosexuals who are dissatisfied with their current state and want to become heterosexual?  For the sake of those suffering while in their LGBTQ+ state, society should allow the needed therapy that enables the recovery paths to those who are dissatisfied with their homosexual orientation or transgender state.  

The same applies to some rights such as the right of child adoption by LGBTQs. That comes in disregard to the human rights of children by exposing them to higher probability of sexual harassments. It is like allowing alcoholics to drive while drunk, putting the drunk driver, as well as the surrounding community, at risk.  

Another argument on such twisted civil rights, if we assume sexual orientation is biologically influenced, which it is not scientifically proven, and it has many adverse implications, shouldn’t it be treated like any other disease or disability that is treated medically?  

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  1. Adel Boshra

    I agree with such report content to treat these humans mentally as part of draw back LGBT ideas from their brains

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