Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design, Which Is More Reasonable?1 min read

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When Darwin proposed the idea that all living creatures evolved by natural selection, he wasn’t aware of the structure of the DNA as it was discovered later. The DNA carries the genetic information of the living organism and is responsible for the fundamental and distinctive characteristics of the organism. Bill Gates describes the DNA as “a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.” 

Now, given this very complicated, code-like DNA, which is a more reasonable explanation for this system: evolution or intelligent design? 

Evolution aims to explain the biological variations in life through natural processes such as natural selection and genetic mutations. However, applying the same concept to ocean waves, we should expect that the trillions of waves hitting the shores around the world, across the past billions of years of the earth’s existence, have produced a poem on the sand, rather than meaningless shapes. Whenever we see a writing on the shore, we reasonably and correctly infer the existence of someone to have written it, not the waves. 

In fact, every single encounter that we have with an object that resembles a complicated pattern or a piece of recognizable information, we reasonably infer the existence of an intelligent design behind it. We visit Mount Rushmore and see engraved images of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. We never assume that the natural processes of abrasion or corrosion, caused by rain or earthquakes, have formed their images on the mountain. How much more intelligently designed are the real Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt?  

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