Does Homosexuality in Animals Mean That It Is Morally Ok?1 min read

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Regardless of one’s view about the origin of humans, whether intelligently designed or blindly evolved, one can easily notice that humans are intellectually superior to other creatures (animals). It can happen that some animals are stronger, faster, and bigger than humans. But of all creatures, humans are the most intelligent. It is humans who founded civilizations, write poetry, build rockets, and save lives through medical operations. 

Now, can animals be our moral reference when it comes to sexual behaviour?  

Not really! As the National Geographic has once stated: “we should be wary of referring to animals when considering what’s acceptable in human society For instance, infanticide as practiced by lions and many other animals isn’t something people gay or straight generally approve of in humans.” There are many other behaviors that animals practice that we don’t accept as morally correct. We, therefore, don’t take animals as our moral compass. 

The Bible teaches that nature, including animals, became corrupt after Adam and Eve had sinned. It is natural that humans and animals have sexual desire. Yet, not only is practicing homosexuality sinful, but even unchaste thoughts by a heterosexual are sinful. It is only in the Bible where we can find the moral compass that directs us to purity and the saintly life that God intended for us to live, as creatures in His image and likeness.  

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