Can Humans Be Gods?1 min read

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Humans like you and me are mortals.
This means, that eventually we will die someday.
That does not mean we have a great potential to do amazing things in our lives.
But that means that we are finite and have limited control over our lives.

On the the other hand a god is defined by oxford dicitonary as
a superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.

So this means what makes a god is what follows:

A has powers that are above human power
B control over nature
C is above death

Other wise , then he /she is a mere mortal ,
Just like us.
Hence he is not worthy of worship.

So if someone claims to be a god , then dies and is reincarnated again and again.

He is then stuck in a loop that even he can’t escape. How can he help us or even help us?

The only one Who DID manage to have all the three aspects of God is Jesus.

A he had power to heal people ,
there are many instances that he healed people with different diseases even created new organs for them , fed them and helped them.

B he had power to command nature

He walked on water , turned water to wine, ordered animals

C He had power over death

Jesus had power over death ، he raised many deads back to life.

And not just that…he is the only one who raised himself from the Dead.

He is that powerful

Since he is the only God that ever did this.

So he is the only god who can help us and deserves worship.

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